Why you must have a Registered Office

Every UK limited company must have a registered office address. It must be a physical location in the UK at which official documents can be served.

Although your registered office can be the address you trade from, many business owners prefer to use the address of their accountant (since the accountant usually deals with company services, such as the completion of the Annual Return).

But it’s such a hassle…

Dealing with both the official government mail and the inevitable junk mail is a pain. This is why there are a number of mailbox rental companies such as Mail Boxes Etc (you can rent a premier mailbox from them for approximately £491 every year – inclusive of extra cost to make it your Registered Office).

And whilst there is nothing wrong with using Mail Box Etc for this service, using your accountant adds credibility and extra benefits.

What we do

Our Registered Office service means we receive all your company mail and process it, making you aware of any urgent matters. We can also directly deal with some documents leaving your free of the hassle.

How you benefit

  • Benefit from having our office address as your official address - having an accountants office address adds credibility to your company. It shows your customers and suppliers you are serious about your business and your financial management.
  • If you trade from home you ensure your residential address is not shown on the public register.
  • Registered offices attract junk mail. We will filter that junk for you so you only need to worry about your company’s official government mail.
  • We can forward all your business mail to you – not only your official government mail. No need for you to worry about the postage. We’ll sort that out as part of the service.
  • We review all that dreaded correspondence from both HM Revenue & Customs and Companies House which means important documents will never be overlooked and that means you will not run the risk of fines and penalties for failing to file those key statutory documents.

From as little as £10 plus VAT per month (with no additional charge for postage or other hidden fees) we’ll make your life much easier. If you prefer it’s payable on monthly or quarterly Direct Debit so you can spread the payment and easily manage your cash flow.

Already have a Registered Office?

That’s no problem. You can easily change your Registered Office to our office address. And don’t worry, we’ll sort out all the paperwork to change your Registered Office for you free of charge.

Company Secretarial Services 

Here are some of the related services that are most popular:

Completion of your annual return

Every company must deliver an annual return to Companies House at least once every 12 months. The company’s director(s) and the secretary are responsible for ensuring the annual return is filed on time. There is an annual filing fee of up to £40 payable to Companies House, and it is a criminal offence not to deliver the company’s annual return within the permitted timescales for which Companies House may prosecute the company and its officers.

To make your life easier and to take away the worry of prosecution we can deal with the annual return for you and this service includes payment of the annual filing fee payable to Companies House. We’ll pay it on your behalf.

Statutory Reminder Service

Whenever we receive any official government mail from HM Revenue and Custom and Companies House where action is required we will remind you of all statutory deadlines so you can relax without the worry of missing deadlines and receiving penalties (and in some cases prosecutionSScan and email service

Scan and Email Service

We all hate paper piling up. So what we do is open and scan all of the mail addressed to your Registered Office and email it across to you which saves you space. We will also file a copy of all-important statutory correspondence in your files, which means all critically important documents from HM Revenue and Customs and Companies House are never overlooked.

Companies House Document Submissions

Dealing with and preparing statutory forms for filing at Companies House, for example appointment and resignation of company directors, change of accounting reference date, allotment of of shares – so you never have to pay fines or penalties for being late or getting things wrong.

Full Company Secretarial work

The Companies Acts 1985 and 2006 include legislation on company secretarial requirements. It’s a hassle and the government keeps changing the rules. And your statutory books can be inspected at any time. We can take all this hassle away from you and deal with all of the following:

  • Writing up, maintaining and storing your company’s statutory register and share register, including dealing with share transfers – so you know this important job is done properly.
  • Dealing with all company secretarial work, including preparing minutes of meetings.
  • Dealing with the allotment or transfer of shares for up to 10 shareholders.
  • Preparing the annual return and all statutory forms for filing at Companies House, for example appointment and resignation of company directors, change of accounting reference date – so you never have to pay fines or penalties for being late or getting things wrong.
  • Completed resolutions in accordance with the Companies Act to dispense with the holding of annual general meetings, the laying of accounts before the company and the appointment of auditors on an annual basis (if required).
  • Answering any questions you have, at any time, on any aspect of your responsibilities under the Companies Act – so that you always have complete peace of mind.

My company doesn’t trade. It’s dormant. What does that mean?

If your company is dormant, i.e. it has no ‘significant accounting transactions’ during the accounting period, whilst you only need prepare abbreviated balance sheet and notes, the format is very prescriptive. And you must still file accounts on time and the same late filing penalties apply – there will always be an automatic civil penalty for submitting accounts late.

Our standard price for preparing and filing fully compliant dormant accounts is just £125 plus VAT.

However, we offer this as a completely free service as part of our Premium or Full company Registered Office service.

Your options at a glance

The table below summarises what is included within each of our service levels. As a quick reminder:

Full company service - This is the best option for busy business owners who don’t want any of the hassle of company secretarial work.

Premium Registered Office - This is our most popular option because it ensures you never miss an essential statutory deadline and so avoid fines and penalties.

Essential Registered Office - This option is best for those business owners who are simply looking for a professional solution to their official Registered Office address.


Essential Registered Office

Premium Registered Office

Full company Registered Office service

Your small monthly investment is just…

£10 + VAT

£15 + VAT

£30 + VAT

Completion and submission of your Annual Return

(including maintenance of minimum registers)

Statutory Reminder Service

Completion and filing of dormant company accounts (saving you £125)

Junk Mail Filtering

Mail Forwarding/Scan and email service

Other Companies House document submissions (otherwise charged at £25 each)

1 per year


Full Company secretarial work

Your Registered Office address (if required)




Change of Registered Office to our address





Note:    The price of this service is fully deductible for tax purposes, which means, in effect, HM Revenue and Customs will refund you a portion of cost (subject to the rate of Corporation Tax you pay).


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